Questions About Your Visit

What Insurance Providers Does Dr. Chen Accept

We are in network with the following insurances:

  • Medicare

Self Pay Prices

We have very affordable self pay prices:

  • New patient consult with acupuncture visit: $130
  • Established patient acupuncture visit: $85
  • New patient office visit/sick visit: $130
  • Established patient office visit/sick visit: $80

*Herbs are additional

What is Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness. According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health – the primary goal of holistic medicine practice – by gaining proper balance in life.

Holistic medicine is also based on the belief that unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer and a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well-being. Other principles of holistic medicine include the following:

  • All people have innate healing powers.
  • The patient is a person, not a disease.
  • Healing takes a team approach involving the patient and doctor, and addresses all aspects of a person’s life using a variety of health care practices.
  • Treatment involves fixing the cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.